Now that you’ve written down what you want, let’s explore why do you want it.

What would experiencing your true desires do for you?

Why do you think what you want is what you need?

You know, I decided long ago that I didn’t want to live my life in a box. I knew I wanted to explore and have new experiences in life.

I had come from generations of poverty. Therefore, I knew that the next generation was depended upon my success. The reason I needed to pursue and get what I desired was so that my children could have options.

Do you know what it feels like to live your entire life by a system you didn’t create?

Really, would you be wearing that shirt if you could afford something else? Would you be living in that neighborhood or that city if you had a choice?

You need what you want because that is who you truly are. Your authentic self-opens up doors everywhere else.

If your dream came true, what would it mean to everyone else around you?

If you got that degree, started that business, or applied for that promotion, how would your life change? How can that life change make a positive impact on the future?

Take the time to record why you want it.

Going after what you want is scary, but knowing your “why” will give you the courage to stand up to that fear and get it.

Hey, thanks for reading! Don’t forget to do the work! Let’s CONNECT further.

To Your Success . . .


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