So grab a piece of paper, what does an ideal day in your life look like? Let me interrupt your experience for just a moment to ask you, “are you doing what you want to do?” If you could be doing anything else in the world right now, what would it be?

If your answer is, “I’m doing exactly what I desire to do in the present moment,” then you’re excused for the day. However, if your answer is, ” I’d rather be doing . . .” then listen up.

You can change the narrative of your life anytime you get ready.

You can create whatever story you want because you have your pen and paper. You can write whatever you’d like to write on it right now.

So write it! In fact, you can type it or even record it. You can do whatever works for you.

Does this sound weird to you? If so, why do you feel that you’re restricted from writing whatever you want? Ahah! What is keeping you from recording a different experience than the one right in front of you?

Is is it fear; is it doubt; or is it too difficult to break free from how you’ve been trained to think?

Oh, you can’t do that. Oh no, “honey baby,” you can’t write that.

What’s going to happen if you do? Are you going to get in trouble?

I challenge you today to write whatever narrative you want to write about your life. Don’t worry about how it’s going to happen. All you’re doing is opening your mind to another way of being. All you’re doing is writing down what you’d prefer over what you’re actually doing.

Just promise me that if you’re going to write down what you want that you will not be afraid or hold back. Promise me that you will put your grown-up pants on and be honest with yourself.

Common, you know what you want, so don’t give me that story that you don’t. Write it like this, “My plane just landed in Cosa Rica. My son and I are headed to our bungalow overlooking the mountains. We have a full day planned out on the beach where there is music and culture and fun.”

Did you write it yet?

Hey, thanks for reading! Don’t forget to do the work! Let’s CONNECT further.


To Your Success . . .


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